A World of Solutions and Services

for Remote Care on One

Integrated Platform.

As Digital health moves farther into the reimbursement phase, payers and providers are seeking efficient integrations and turnkey solutions to help broaden their patient reach quickly and economically.  


Our platform enables all forms of remote care delivery including: Remote Patient Monitoring, Chronic Care Management, Transitional Care, Population Health and Employee Wellness.


We offer many combinations of products and services to facilitate patient engagement and gathering data outside traditional points of care. Here are a few solutions that can help you get connected right away.

MyLife365 is a smart device environment designed and dedicated for remote care management. Our Remote Health Kits include devices, apps and connectivity for a low monthly fee – with support, training and program design assistance from one of the most experienced teams in the industry.


If you need clinical support, our service partner, AMR can fill the gaps with care management services ranging from health and wellness to complex care.





The Life365 platform is expanding to offer a BYOD solution (Bring your Own Device) with our new MyLife365 App.


MyLife365 includes:


Vital signs data from a wide range of connected health devices2-way HIPAA compliant video for virtual visits

Customized health engagement and patient satisfaction surveys

Patient education resources

Medication and therapy reminders

TouchPoints365 is our web-based, remote patient management portal for clinicians. Care professionals can review patient health data, set notification parameters for breached thresholds, evaluate engagement survey responses, generate and send secure reports, and perform HIPAA compliant virtual visits with patients.

TouchPoints365 also allows care teams to configure, update and manage healthcare solutions used by patients at home – including smart devices, applications and other patient tools and resources.

We Bring Life to Small Processors

A patented Lean Operating System (OS) designed for small microprocessors without a Memory Management Unit (MMU) to provide "app-like" functionality while reducing Size, Power and Cost.

We utilize the LifeOS in the Wearable technology / sensors, IoT Devices and small disposable devices to enhance performance and function.

Our platform drives interoperability, but technology alone can’t shape better health outcomes. 


We help you connect whatever you need to engage your patients with virtual care solutions… 


Warm health services ranging from health and wellness to chronic and complex care, Software and device integrations,  and even logistics, distribution and patient transportation.

(You're welcome.)


Don't have the clinical staff of short on bandwidth? Our service partner, American Medical Response (AMR) can provide remote and in-person patient care management to help you meet your goals or start new service offerings.



If you prefer patient data delivered directly to your existing EMR or software system, we have over 10 years of experience integrating with enterprise systems. Our software developers and implementation engineers work with you to ensure seamless integrations.


We can manage shipping, inventory, patient training and on-boarding, and device refurbishments - so you can focus completely on care.

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